Your League of Legends companion

An application for players made by a player.

Mobabuild is the application for you to follow League of Legends pro builds and guides seamlessly. All the skillful and challenger players around the world has own spell, rune, item and skill combinations to dominate games. 

We made it easy to you reach this tactics and use it on your heroes real-time, without ALT + TAB difficulty. ( I know that feeling bro, I’m a player too ) You can follow this builds while you are playing the game like as your second monitor.

  • All 127 League of Legends heroes and its builds. Will be updated as soon as new hero released.
  • All builds are be fresh and updated for the very last season.
  • Most anticipated and strength-proven builds made by Challenger, Diamond and Pro level players at its finest.
  • Simple and sleek design to keep you concentrate on game, not the build.
  • Even if I’m a player, I can not know all the needs and difficulities. So please do not hesitate to contact me for any opinions and suggestions.

    Most importantly, have fun !

    For any opinions, requests or suggestions please feel free to mail us

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